Keyword Domain Alerts

Get instant alerts when a domain is about to expire or go up for auction, matching your keyword or niche requirements.

Filter & Sort Results

Only get alerted to domains that meet your quality metrics. Sort domains by Domain Authority, Backlinks, history or Domain Age.

Recover Old Websites

Lost an old website? Piggy can recover it from in a single click, zipped up and ready to upload to your chosen web host.

Rob Kerry
“I've been involved in Digital Marketing for two decades, becoming a central figure in the SEO community in 2004 as a Search Engine Watch moderator and editor, under Danny Sullivan. I spoke at my first SEO conference in 2005 (SES San Jose) and have presented groundbreaking technical SEO talks at roughly 40 marketing conferences around the world since then. I've been registering domains since I was 14 years old and became an official UK domain registrar at the age of 18. I'm now bringing my domain and SEO experience to Piggy Domains, automating years of knowledge and processes.”
- Rob Kerry